Why don't I miss my Android Wear watch when I'm not wearing it?

August 31, 2016 0 Comments twitter, android, android wear, watch

I quite like watches. I don't have that many (although given an unlimited budget, I would!), but I do have a selection. A couple of 'nicer' watches for smart (in the traditional sense of the word) use, my trusty white Casio G-Shock which I wear lots and a couple of Android Wear devices - a Huawei Watch in silver with matching mesh strap (imho the best Wear watch money can buy) and a black Moto 360 Sport I just picked up for £115 using their crazy voucher stacking.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Wear. The main thing I want from a smartwatch is the ability to triage email and notifications directly from the watch, and Wear is perfect for that. Add in a good watchface selection, some nice apps and the fact that the Huawei in particular is such a nice piece of hardware and really, it should be an indispensable tool. Even charging the watch every night is a non issue for me, as I take my watch off when I go to bed anyway.

But weirdly it's not.

When I wear my G-Shock, I don't really miss my Wear watch at all, but I'm not sure why since I enjoy using it so much. Maybe it's because I don't fully integrate it into my 'creation' cycle since I'm not really a fan of speaking to my watch, maybe it's because I don't find pulling my phone out to do what I'd otherwise do on the watch a chore. It's a bit weird and when I hear others speaking about why Android Wear sales are disappointing, I wonder if this is why. It's just not an indispensable bit of kit right now.

With that said, I wonder if others (that's you!) feel the same way and perhaps if the same sentiment is true for Apple watch users...

Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien
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