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September 30, 2016 0 Comments twitter, ghost, android

I posted previously about how I started this blog as not just a place to dump thoughts over 160 characters, but also as an opportunity to try out the Ghost blogging engine. A bit of time has passed now... So how is it? I'm still super impressed. The platform itself is, unlike WordPress, fairly bare bones, but I actually like that. Everything you need is included and if you can buy / rustle up a good looking theme, you're set. In fact, probably the only thing I'd change is improving the update process which is entirely manual if you're self hosted (although if you pay Ghost to host it for you, they do the upgrades).

Aside from the platform itself though, one of the reasons I'm really enjoying using Ghost is because I've got mobile blogging down to a tee. With a nice little selection of apps, I can write offline, get the media ready and get posts up from my phone or tablet with a minimum of fuss. Here's what I'm using...

  • Quill - that a relatively small platform has such a fantastic, Open Source, free app like Quill is nothing short of miraculous. It's brilliant. This app connects to your Ghost blog and allows you to write, edit and manage your posts from Android. It supports media upload, markdown previews, tag editing, auto slug updating, publishing and basically everything you need, all in a good looking material design package. Love it.
  • PicSay Pro / Photoshop Touch - the other key app for me is an image editor that lets me resize, crop, adjust and generally manipulate to within an inch of their lives images I want to post on the blog. Generally speaking, particularly on my Pixel C, I still use the long discontinued but still great Photoshop Touch, although among apps actually available today, PicSay Pro is surprisingly capable. It's a powerful image tool hidden behind a facade of silly effects. 😉
  • Naxiz Fast Uploader - the final piece of the puzzle is getting images off my device and on to a web server to link in the blog post markdown. I have some cheap but excellent FTP storage with Servage, served over HTTPS courtesy of a Cloudflare free plan, but I want to be able to upload them to this space directly from the share menu of my image editor. NFU does this perfectly, uploading the content with a unique time based filename and even copying the resulting URL to the clipboard on completion. Great!

Blogging is often about making the process as frictionless as possible to encourage posting of content. This is why Twitter or Facebook are so good, they make it super easy to chuck up small chunks of text in no time at all. The tools above bring much of this convenience to blogging. Give them a try!

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