Essential kit: the travel router

August 22, 2016 0 Comments twitter, travel, networking, linkedin, essential kit

When I travel, there's a bunch of different things that end up in my bag as a must have. I thought it'd be fun to highlight some of those bits of kit... Starting with the Travel Router.

The particular model I pack is the Satechi Smart Travel Router, which I picked up - as I do many things - on a deal from StackSocial a while ago now. Lots of different models doing very similar things are available, but there's a few things I like about this one.

First up, it's simply a travel adaptor plug. Last year it saved our bacon (literally!) when camping by allowing us to plug a French fridge into our UK plug strip. An adaptor is a must have when you're travelling anyway, so that's an instant win. Also useful are the two 2.1 Amp USB charging sockets. Short of chargers or only have a USB cable with you? No problem, this little champion has it covered. Most importantly, of course, we have the network wizardry.

What makes this travel router so amazing is its versatility. If there's something you need to do with a wireless network, it has it covered. I've used it to share an Ethernet connection over WiFi, share a WiFi connection over Ethernet and to extend a weak WiFi signal. Where it really comes into its own though is when we are on holiday as a family, have signed up to hotel or campsite Internet, and it's limited to one MAC address. Not useful at all when I have several devices myself, let alone all my clan too! The Smart Travel Router can connect to the service's WiFi, thereby presenting a single MAC, and allow me to connect multiple devices on a secure connection. The portal pages are all presented fine and it just works. The UI is either simple wizard based or a super complex set of menus... Regardless of whether you're techie or beginner, it has you covered.

So is it perfect? Pretty much. As time passes I think 5Ghz support would be nice and I'd love to be able to turn off the bright green power LED, but the fact they are my only real (weak) complaints tells you how good it is!

The router sadly is kinda hard to buy now, but the Maplin outlet appears have something similar (albeit with a single USB port).

I'll be blogging more about my essential kit... But what always makes it into your bag?

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