This would totally make Twitter better for new users

September 27, 2016 0 Comments twitter, friends, ideas, weird

I think Twitter is great. As a platform, I love it - both for consuming content and for interacting with people. Just now, I posted a message about what phones my followers are using and got a ton of interesting responses. When I tweet other stuff, I'll generally get replies, which makes the whole process feel worthwhile. This is what social networks are all about right?

Definitely... but then I've been on Twitter for a long time and I have about 30,000 followers. What if you're just starting out?

Twitter can be a lonely place. An echo chamber. A place where you put yourself out there but nobody responds or cares. That kinda sucks doesn't it! Wouldn't it be cool if somehow, when you joined the platform, you automagically gained followers who would read your content, were like minded and ideally, would respond to what you post? I bet it would stop people falling off the platform early on and would make it generally a much nicer place to be.

Now, of course, technically this is something of a challenge. How would it work? Would existing users really want to follow new people automatically, even if their interests or posts were similar? I'm not sure... but I think I would be OK with it (hey, it's easy to unfollow). If this is something that's not offered by the platform itself, maybe there's potential for a third party service here.

What do you reckon? Genius or ridiculous?

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