The elusive super-narrow (52cm) roof box

August 16, 2016 0 Comments twitter, car

This blog is 'for when 140 characters just won't cut it' so expect the content to be... erm... broad. Like this post! Hah.

Recently we 'downgraded' from a Skoda Octavia to an Audi A4. Not a bad move overall, the interior fit and finish on the Audi is incredible, Android Auto is nice, but there's one area where the Skoda can't be beat - interior and boot space for the relative size of the car. Day to day this isn't a big deal, but when it comes to, say, going camping, we really miss the boot space of a big estate (wagon, American friends) compared to a saloon (sedan, American friends).

They say you should buy a car for 95% of your needs, but what do you do when you do need the extra space? Easy, buy a roofbox, right? Well yes, except we carry 3 bikes on the roof of the car already. With chunky Thule carriers. Problem.

Having looked around for a while for a solution, last week I finally found it - the elusive super-narrow roofbox. Bonus? It's incredibly good value too!

Manufactured by 'Ultra Plast' and shipped directly from the factory in Europe, the MD3, sold by 1roofbox, is only 52cm wide and starts at just £76 plus delivery for the basic black model (you can pay more for silver, colour coded to your car etc.). After ordering I was slightly concerned that the box wouldn't fit on our wide Thule wing bars but it arrived yesterday and hallelujah, it fits!

Initial impressions - well built, decent lock, effective gas struts, quality mounts... compared to the cost of the big brands or even the Halfords specials, fantastic value.

Hopefull this is worth posting here in the hope that when someone searches for a narrow roofbox in the future, Google will direct them to this post. Reply below if you've found the post useful!

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