If you're not using Cashback sites you're missing a trick

September 24, 2016 0 Comments twitter, cashback, topcashback, quidco, bargains

I love finding a bargain. Or a discount. To the extent where if l order something online and pay full price, I feel like I'm missing out!

There are lots of places to look when hunting down a discount, from HotUKDeals to the various voucher sites and even the odd forum or two.

The real weapon though is Cashback sites. The two biggest in the UK are Topcashback (my preference) and Quidco. The way it works is this. You sign up to the site, and search for the vendor you wish to buy from. If the vendor is listed, you'll see a percentage cashback rate. To start the process, you click the vendor link provided (after signing in of course) and complete your purchase as normal. By clicking through from the cashback site you've activated their affiliate link which ensures they take a cut of the sale, which in turn powers your cashback.

Now, the process isn't perfect for a number of reasons. It'll often take you a while to get your money, sometimes transactions get declined (particularly if you also use an 'unapproved' discount voucher) but it's free money really isn't it. A no brainer!

I've earned back a 4 figure sum on purchases having used the services for many years... Not bad at all!

Another tip is to spread the word and earn referral fees from friends and family. If you refer someone to Topcashback you'll bag £15, the Quidco rate is a rather more stingy £2.50. More free cash!

If you haven't tried the services, check them out and try and make them part of your buying habits. What do you have to lose? ☺️

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