Essential kit: the multi port charger

September 07, 2016 0 Comments twitter, essential kit, android, charger

It's time for another 'essential kit' post! This time, it's the real star of any gadget fan's bag... the multi port charger!

As the name would suggest, a multi port charger is a charger... with multiple ports. Clever eh? The advantage is that if you travel with a bunch of kit, you can charge a multitude of items from one single power point in a hotel room for example. Perfect!

I've had a few over my time including...

If you pick one of these up, it's worth buying a 6 pack of cables to go with it too, to help keep things tidy.

Finally, here's one extra tip. Although this is quite small to fit in your kit bag, 3 pin plugs are always a pain, right? Especially if you use a slimmer laptop bag. I use the Lindy folding mains to figure of 8 plug, which is really brilliant. A worthwhile investment.

![Multi Port Charger](
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